Urban metabolism visualisations are coming

New year, new resolutions? We’ll see about that. In the last month or two, I didn’t have much time to post something new. However, a number of posts are in the pipeline (this is  the resolution bit).

In fact, during the last months I took two courses of D3.js (a javascript library that allows to create online and interactive data-driven visualisations) with the Knight Centre for Journalism.

I have to admit that they took a big chunk of my free time but I got to do a number of visualisations (or at least try) on different facts of the Urban Metabolism of Brussels.

All of these visualisations, can be seen here http://bl.ocks.org/arisatha. I still haven’t found a way to embed those directly within this blog, so I’ll add some screenshots  that will make links to the more “interactive” viz.

In the coming weeks, I’ll try to add a small story to each of these visualisations (around 10). If you have any suggestion about new viz, the data used or whatever, let me know.


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